Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Dragon Year

Dear All,

Wish you a Happy Lucky Dragon Year ! ^^

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Market Place 2012- iPhone Casing

:: Unique Hand Made Casing for iphone4/4s ::

Product Code:mp121113

Price: RM45.00
Product Code:mp121106

Price: RM45.00

Product Code:mp121116

Price: RM49.00

Product Code:mp121108

Price: RM39.00

Product Code:mp121102

Price: RM55.00

Product Code:mp121103

Price: RM45.00

Product Code:mp1211018

Price: RM69.00

Product Code:mp1211014

Price: RM39.00

Product Code:mp121104

Price: RM39.00

Product Code:mp121119

Price: RM55.00

Product Code:mp121115

Price: RM39.00

Product Code:mp121117

Price: RM49.00

Product Code:mp1211010

Price: RM49.00

Product Code:mp121112

Price: RM39.00

Product Code:mp1211011

Price: RM39.00

Product Code:mp121109

Price: RM39.00

Product Code:mp121107

Price: RM55.00

Product Code:mp121105

Price: RM55.00

Product Code:mp121101

Price: RM55.00

Product Code:mp121120

Price: RM59.00

To order :
Drop us email at
We will confirm the stock availability and guide you on buying process.

Market Place : Life Enhancement

Home Water Energizer
Product Code: ST3012

:: Specifications ::
Description: Mineralized (Metal), specifically manufactured in 2 halves simply fit together outside pipe materials.

Internal Diameter: 22mm
Length: 150mm

The molecular chain created by the Home Water Energizer stops the atoms of heavy minerals falling out of suspension. These contaminants are now held in quantum suspension. Previous build up sedimentation and scale will also be removed in time.

Molecular Energized Gemstone
Product Code: ST1005W

What is Molecular Energized Gemstone?
- Molecular Energized Gemstone is a collection of Tiger Eye gemstone beads which has gone through an advance high-temperature bio-implosion process (German Technology) that allows the beads to start emitting positive energy field.

Who will most benefit from Molecular Energized Gemstone?
- People who are constantly exposed to electro-smog i.e electromagnetic devices ( mobile phone, TV, computer, high-voltage wire).

- People who are looking to improve their accumulation of wealth through their businesses.
People who are looking to improve the timing of their financial matters.

- People who want clarity in making decisions. Better decision leads to better outcomes.

- People who are fearful, nervous and need to calm down their mind.

Circle Pendant
Product Code: ST1007W

Improving a person's harmony and energy levels, the pendant has shown properties which reduces the effect of electromagnetic fields in their environment - i.e mobile phone, computer, television, air conditioners, high powered tension cables, microwave ovens and wifi.

Description: A lightweight alloy (Pewter)
Diameter: 28mm
Thickness: 2.5mm

Key Benefits
- Improve memory skills
- Promotes harmony
- Reduces stress level particular during exam time
- Reduces the negative effect of electromagnetic fields
- Enhances concentration

BioWave FIR Sauna
Product Code: ST3014 / ST3013

What is FIR?
An infrared ray, is a form of light energy emitted from the Sun which we feel as heat. In fact, most of the Sun’s energy is infrared rays and they are essential for all living things.

What can FIR do for the body?
FIR rays penetrate approximately 1.5” into the skin and this light energy transforms to heat energy. This causes blood vessels to dilate, which promotes better blood circulation as the heat rids the body of toxins through sweating.

What is Biowave?
Biowave energy is a type of stationary and neutral energy field that helps the body to naturally rejuvenate, restore its vitality and heal when exposed to it.

How Biowave FIR can benefit you ...
- Weight Management
- Fitness
- Preventive Health Care
- Anti-aging
- Detoxification
- Improves Skin Texture

Beauty Wand
Product Code: ST1003W

What makes the Beauty Wand special?
The Beauty Wand improves hydration of the dermis. It allows structured water to penetrate deep into subcutaneous tissues.

The Beauty Wand will be able to rearrange water molecules into a structured form on and inside the skin thus improving adsorption. The skin will ne able to restore moisture and feel rejuvenated.

Casing : Stainless steel (316)
Inside : Mineralized silica
Diameter : 9.5 mm
Length : 139 mm

- Promote healthy and youthful appearance
- Physical balancing
- Liquids will have an improved /enhanced taste
- Reduce the negative effect of caffeine
- Sugar / sweetener levels can be reduced.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome 2012

Best Wishes to All !

Friday, December 23, 2011

riché Fashion eMagazine Vol 3.0

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